Let’s unravel the “ABC’s of Orthodontics”: “A” for age, “B” for braces, and “C” for cost and choices.

Age is a critical factor, especially in orthodontics. Waiting until a child has all their permanent teeth, usually by age 7, helps address potential issues early, preventing more significant problems later on. These initial evaluations, often complimentary, don’t require referrals and are ideal during summer breaks to avoid academic disruptions.

The realm of braces has evolved tremendously. Today’s orthodontic techniques and equipment offer enhanced effectiveness and comfort compared to older methods. Modern orthodontists are highly educated and better equipped to tailor treatments to individual needs. They don’t just explain procedures; they educate patients on the reasoning behind each treatment plan.

Orthodontic options aren’t exclusive to children; In fact, 1 in every 5 patients in orthodontic treatment is an adult. It’s never too late to pursue orthodontic treatment.

Finally, there is the “C” in the ABCs of Orthodontics: cost. It’s practically impossible to get a fixed price for any type of orthodontic treatment as the cost depends a great deal on the treatment needed, which is dependent on the unique needs of each and every patient seeking orthodontic care. Luckily, payment plans are the norm when it comes to orthodontic practices’ billing procedures. There are also “health savings accounts.” A health savings account is a way to provide funding for treatment before taxes. Most accredited orthodontic practices will have an in-house insurance specialist that can answer any questions that should arise about payment options, insurance inquiries, and even help with any paperwork that needs to be filled out.

“C” also signifies choice. With a range of options like clear braces, traditional braces, and Invisalign, orthodontic treatment is more diverse than ever. Reach out to our office for further details or to schedule a complimentary initial exam. We’re eager to assist you in achieving the smile you’ve always wanted!